Best Home Gym Ratings For Consumer With Reports 2021

In this modern era, many people love to do the gym regularly to stay fit and healthy. People always seek a fit, slim and toned body which adds to their appearance and builds self-confidence. Due to tight office schedules and busy life routines, most people who want to attend the gym could not make it to go there.

Similarly, some people do not find excellent and professional gyms near their living areas. The best solution to this need is home gym systems. Home gym systems are combined or integrated workout machines that allow you to perform multiple exercises on one machine rather than various machines.

These home gym systems are designed for strength training, weight lifting, and muscle-building exercises all in one. You can develop your shoulder and neck muscles, back muscles, abs, biceps and triceps, legs, and arm muscles, all with the home gym systems. Customization is enabled in these machines to adjust the positions to perform any of your favorite exercises.

These days home gym systems are getting very popular as people want a quick solution to perform their workouts and activities at home rather than going to the gyms and then returning. This schedule becomes difficult and time taking whereas home gym systems are time and cost savers. You don’t need to pay gym fees every month; instead, this is a one-time investment with low maintenance.

Home gyms are loved by gym freaks who want to do extra workouts and strength training any time they want. With home gyms, it becomes possible to get access to a gym all the time. There are many home gym systems available in the market with different designs and features.

We bring a list of top home gyms which are best reviewed and well known. Read thoroughly and decide on a home gym for yourself to achieve all those workout goals that you always wanted to achieve conveniently.

Our recommendations for the best home gym for consumer

  1. Bowflex Home Gym (Bowflex Xceed)
  2. Total Gym XLS Total Body Home Gym
  3. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine
  4. MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo
  5. Bowflex Home Gym Series (Bowflex PR3000)
  6. Marcy 150 Lb. Stack Home Gym MWM-990
  7. Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym
  8. Gold’s Gym GGSY29013 XRS 55 Home Gym System
  9. Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym

1. Bowflex Home Gym (Bowflex Xceed)

Specially design home gyms series for workout and strength training lovers. This home gym enables up to 65 different exercises and workout positions anybody ever wants to do. Customizable weights, adjustable seats, and personalized exercises can take the workout to another level. You don’t need to find a good gym; bring the machine to your home, and you will get all those gym exercises in one package at home.

Power Rod: This Bowflex machine’s powerful power rod can bear up to 210 pounds of resistance and be upgraded to 310 or even 410 pounds. This customization capacity makes this machine super personalized and delightful to workout. 

Multiple workouts: Bowflex home gym apparatus lets you perform 65 or more training for your whole body. It includes exercises for legs, arms, chest, shoulders, abs, and back. Workouts can be performed while sitting on the seat or standing along or parallel to the machine. Pulling rods can be used in multiple ways to stretch. Also, various pullies attached to the machine let you create your pulling or stretching workouts and different positions according to your choice and core strength.

Strong material body: Heavy-duty stainless steel material frame body of this machine makes it durable and long-lasting for years and ensures that the rods won’t bend or de-shape. Adjustable polyurethane dense cushion seat is perfect for multiple sitting and layback exercises equally.

Accessories: Bowflex home gym package includes a squat bar, lat bar, and abs training strap in the box free of any extra cost.

2. Total Gym XLS Total Body Home Gym

The Total Gym XLS home gym comes with extra strength, enduring weight of up to 400 pounds. The ab crunch accessory, meal planning guide, wing accessory, exercise guide, and exercise video DVDs also come as a plus when you buy this home gym for yourself. Strong adjustable pullies and stretching points can be adjusted according to your choice. This machine allows you 80 plus exercises to be arranged in different positions targeting different parts of the body individually or simultaneously. Enjoy the total body workout with one machine without going to any professional gym.

Total body experience: Total Gym XLS enables you to perform a full-body workout at home with one machine. You can perform up to 80 different exercises smoothly with this compact home gym. Activities that target other body parts like legs, abs, arms, shoulder, chest, and back can be easily performed with is the machine. The rod can bear weight resistance up to 400 pounds easily.

Customizable pullies: Various pullies are attached with this machine at different points and angles to adjust and utilize for other exercises. You can use the default setting of stretching handles or customize them according to your comfort and choice of activities by changing their position from one pulley to another. 

Attachments included: total gym XLS machine comes with different extensions. It comes compact and complete with ab crunch, exercise chart, wing tenderness, training deck, full classical gym DVDs with exercise videos and expert guidance, and a planning guide for meals.

3. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine

Bring the whole gym to your home with Marcy smith cage workout machine. This sole machine supports multiple exercises for almost all parts of your body with a precision and compact package. The system comes with all the necessary accessories like lat bar, ankle strap, shiver bar, v-bar, triceps rope, and pulley cable handles. It also facilitates the weight bar on the machine for ease of accessibility. A strong power bar with a strength of up to 2000 lbs. is the machine’s primary core competence.

All-steel construction: Marcy smith cage workout machine is composed of heavy-duty stainless-steel material with a powder-coated finish, making it more durable to prevent de-shaping. The tensile strength of its study cable is up to 2000 lb. with this much power and strength reinforcement, the Marcy smith cage guarantees the long-lasting use of this home gym even with intense workout routines.   

Multi-functional press arms: Versatile weight system Marcy smith cage home gym is a specially designed press arm with dual action. With multiple capabilities and double-action press arms, you can perform all of your favorite exercises of arms and chest to develop muscle strength and build biceps, triceps, and pectorals, along with other muscle firmness. 

Dual-action leg developer: The dual-function leg developer of this home gym is equipped with six big-sized rocker pads and a curl bar and has a pivot point that facilitates proper body form during long session workouts. That not only allows you to maintain the correct posture but also promotes exercise effect on targeted areas.

Olympic free-weight rack: Marcy smith cage home gym contains six weight plate pegs built on purpose into the machine’s frame for your ease. That lets you organize your weight bars on the machine and can access them easily on the spot when you need them.

All-in-one workout: get all your favorite workout varieties in one machine. With the compact structure with easy customization and adjustments, you can perform different arm-leg chest, and back exercises alternatively or at one time with this cage home gym machine. 

4. MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo

MiM USA Commercial Hercules 1001 Jumbo is a multipurpose workout giant machine that servers all the exercises with excellent personalizing capability for which you go to a professional gym. You can perform light morning workouts and intense workouts as well on the same machine. Athletes, gym freaks, or ordinary people who want to follow a regular exercise routine can all benefit from this single all-in-one machine.  

Top of Form Bottom of Form ALL in one: bring a smart all-purpose trainer to your home with the purchase of MiM USA Strength Master1001. This machine combines multiple gym machines and works for strength training, muscle building, and weight lifting exercises. This multipurpose machine is perfect for building strong abs, biceps & triceps, back muscles, shoulder and neck muscles, legs and arm muscles, and servers as all-in-one gym machines. Supporting many exercises in combination and individually, including squats with weights, chest press, arm curl, hip abduction, and smith dead-lift exercises.

Adjustable: Unsymmetrical design of this machine supports multiple types of exercises with adjustable pullies and positions. The adjustable seat also helps lay down and sitting straight exercises both. The sturdy and robust cable can be passed through different pullies placed in other locations so that you can achieve the desired position for your targeted training.

Heavy-weight endurance: Strong steel body with powder brushing and heavy-weight catering capacity of user up to 350 lbs. make it an ideal machine for almost every member of your home. A heavy-duty frame of the machine has hard chrome plated racks for weight bar storage and other accessories.

5. Bowflex Home Gym Series (Bowflex PR3000)

The Bowflex PR3000 offers a complete body workout while staying at home. You can do all intense workouts and perform many exercise combinations on this one machine and achieve fitness goals as you expect to join a professional gym. A robust body with more excellent weight power rod resistance and no change pulley system is the powerful features of this Bowflex PR3000 home gym machine. Roller cushions add extra comfort for leg curls and extension.

Multiple exercises: Bowflex home gym machine PR3000 offers numerous exercise options with just one machine. You can perform more than 50 activities on this machine which targets different parts of your body like the chest, arms, shoulders, neck, back, and legs. You can combine exercises to target multiple areas or can do specific targeted areas exercises individually. An entire body workout can be achieved with only one Bowflex home gym machine. 

Quick change power rod: Multiple functioning ankle cuffs or hand grips are specially designed in this Bowflex PR3000 machine to add the flexibility of a quick-changing power rod. That helps in achieving more excellent performance and better flexibility to perform any exercise. The power rod’s resistance supports weight endurance as less than 5 pounds and as much as 210 pounds. Also, it can upgrade the resistance to 310 pounds too.

Heavy-duty steel construction: strong, heavy-duty, steel composition of the frame, make it a durable rust-free machine for several years without problem or bending or unbalancing. Also, no change cable pulley mechanism enables you to switch from one exercise to another easily.

6. Marcy 150 Lb. Stack Home Gym MWM-990

Marcy MWM 990 home gym is versatile and multipurpose. It supports so many exercises with different positions and lets you do your selected exercises all in one place. You can perform activities from neck and shoulder muscles to legs and calves-building exercises. Can achieve total body workout with this versatile machine with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. 

Premium steel construction: With heavy-duty steel tubing with guard rods, this machine is designed premium, which holds the weight in place during intense workouts and prevents unbalancing. 

Weight stack lock: Marcy multi-functional home gym MWM-990 comes with a secure lock that prevents your use of unauthorized weights. This 150 lb. lock is a combination pin lock that secures and locks your weight plates with a weight stack lock. Customizable lock as per skills removes the hassle of loading and unloading plates repeatedly while preventing the equipment from unauthorized usage. 

Dual-action press arms: Marcy MWM-990 is uniquely designed with dual action press arms. This versatile design enables you to execute many arm and chest exercises like chest press, butterfly exercises, biceps, triceps, and other core strength training exercises. Just insert the pin you selected for locking and get started.

Custom exercises capability: with this user-friendly multipurpose machine, you can enjoy all your favorite exercises easily at your home. Now complete body workout is possible with Marcy’s MWM 990 home gym training station.

Removeable curl pad: The preacher curl bicep pad is easily removable and completely adjustable. This flexibility allows bicep exercises and arm muscle strengthening with greater ease and extra strength. 

7. Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym

The BodyCraft Galena Pro is a compact home gym specially built to be placed in any corner of your house. Every person in your family can use this multi-function machine to carry out their daily workout routines from low to high intensity with the capability of adding weight shrouds. The machine supports all types of exercise; you name them, and they can be performed with this one machine. The machine comes with two seats and a patented dual-function pec deck and is designed to take less space and fits in the corners of a room quickly. 

Patented Dual-function Pec Deck: The innovative dual pec deck allows you to perform traditional and dumble flys at one position with one machine. Traditional flys are executed by pressing your elbows against the pads, whereas dumble flys are carried out by holding the handles in your hands to your chest’s height and pushing it forwards. The area for motion is quite good and fits almost every user. It also provides room for deltoid flies. That made this pec deck versatile and unique, among others.

Adjustable and Comfortable: Dense and firm Seat and its back are entirely flexible. High density covered by heavy-gauge vinyl material is perfectly contoured for lumbar support. 

Low Pulley Station: Get plenty of room for different exercises like arm curls, leg kicks, deltoid raises, low rows, and many others with its low pully set up. 

Weight Stack Shrouds: Innovative, noise-canceling perforated stainless-steel shrouds with a black powder finish, allows 150 lb. weight stack, and can be upgraded 200lbs for more strength. Also, the cable has up to 2000lbs of tensile resistance.

8. Gold’s Gym GGSY29013 XRS 55 Home Gym System

Gold’s gym home gym system is a solution to your daily workout routine. If you are tight on schedules and cannot go to gyms, then this is the perfect machine you can get to fulfill your quick workout needs. This compact in one multipurpose gym system allows you to perform multiple exercises independently or in combinations. Densely padded vinyl-coated adjustable seats with numerous accessories like lat bar, preacher pad, and handles make it an excellent choice to opt for.

Greater Resistance and Vinyl Weight Stack: Achieve all fitness levels from low intensity to high intensity with the 300 lbs. weight resistance of Gold’s Gym GGSY29013 XRS 55 home gym system. Weight lifting is enhanced and taken up to new high-performance levels with its 125 lb. vinyl weight stack. This machine is providing improved resistance, excellent flexibility, and high performance. 

 Combo Chest Press/Butterfly Arms: Dual purpose combo cheat press allows you to develop upper body and chest muscles stronger. You can perform chest press or butterfly arm exercise by making little changes and adjustments and can benefit both by targeting the specific power in isolation. 

 High and Low Pulleys: A combination of high and low pulleys and the integrated mechanism enables a smooth movement while performing any exercise. Smooth flow and transition let you complete your workout exercise sets un-interruptedly.

4-Roll Leg Developer: Innovative 4-roll leg developer facilitates leg extension exercises to segregate the front leg muscles and leg curls to target the back of the legs easily.  

9. Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym

Rated Best Buy Home Gym from Consumer Digest, Body-solid strengthtechh EXM2500s is a Multi-Station home Gym that comes with an upgraded 210-pound steel weight stack, high-quality, heavy-duty composition, and extra-thick DuraFirm pads. A separate Pec-Fly station is equipped in this gym with its seat, and this exclusive feature is not available in other home gym machines. Multiple exercises can be performed flawlessly with this one machine with increased flexibility and comfort.

Multipurpose: Body-Solid gym supports up to 40 different exercises for your abs, shoulder, chest, back, upper and lower legs, arm curls, and other muscle building. You can do any of these exercises individually or simultaneously with little adjustments. With 3 multiple height pulley systems, high mid and low, you can achieve any training you used to do in the gym. Adjust the seat, backrest, footpad, or pulleys position and arrange the place for the targeted exercise and you are ready to do it. 

Design and quality: Body-solid EXM2500s has a unique two-station design to perform different exercises with greater ease and looks stylish and classy. High-quality cables and pulleys are incorporated into this machine for durability and safety. Dense cushion and vinyl covering of the seat and backrest also increase the comfort level. 

Heavy duty: The machine construction is kept healthy with its heavy stainless-steel body and equipped with an improved and upgradable 210lbs steel weight stack.

Accessories: Body-Solid EXM2500S Home Gym comes with multiple accessories in the package. The accessories include Lat Bar, Straight Bar, Utility Strap, and Abs or Triceps Strap.

Best Home Gym System Buying Guide

Following tips will help you to get the best home gym for you. Let’s have a look at them before buying an option.

High resistance: Choose those home gyms which have high resistance to stretching cable with robust pully systems. High resistance and tensile power home gyms are more durable and suitable for intense workouts too.

Heavy-weight endurance: Always look for the weight-bearing capacity of the home gym before buying. Home gym systems support heavy weights up to 300 pounds to 1000 pounds are more feasible to buy, especially for obese people, to work out without any tension or harm during exercise.

Quality: Buy the best quality heavy-duty and high-quality material home gym systems. High-end systems are more durable and customizable to perform different exercises for various sizes, weights, and ages. Heavy-weight home gym systems are more resistant to bending and de-shaping and maintain their balance for several upcoming years to carryout smooth workout routines.

Size and Style: Select stylish options with an appealing appearance and compact in size so that they can fit in any corner of your house, taking less space. As the machine is all in one so it should not look like typical gym machines, which take much space as they are made to perform independent exercises. Rathe t the home gym machines must be compact and looking stylish and classy instead of looking bland and bulky.

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